National Llama Day

Happy National Llama Day and to celebrate we have been playing Don’t Upset the Llama by Tactic Games.

Did you know that llamas don’t like loud noises or rude behaviour?
After this game, you certainly will! On your turn, draw a card from your deck and try to be the first to spot the horn or spray.
The first player to grab the llama water gun can spray a player of their choice!

What’s in the box?

64 cards
1 die
Llama spray gun
Game play instructions

How to play?

The object of the game is to try and avoid getting sprayed by the llama with the tag line “Grab it first or get….” wet/soaked/sprayed with water!
Cards are shuffled and dealt face down equally to each player.
We started play by choosing the youngest player to go first (subsequent games started with the player who got wet the most on the last game) and went in a clockwise direction.
We first made sure that everyone knew who was on the left of them as this is very crucial to know!!
Each player takes it in turn to roll the die and turns over the required amount of cards 1, 2 or 3 unless the die lands on the golden llama. If this happens anyone can grab the llama spray and wet a player of their choosing!
Everyone looks eagerly to see if the last card turned over has either a horn or a llama spitting on it, there isn’t always one and there are also some well hidden objects as well as objects that are deceiving! Be careful as if you get it wrong you will get sprayed!
Depending on what the die says depends on who gets wet!
The game ends when a player has been sprayed 4 times with the winner being the player sprayed the least. Check out a clip of us playing over on our YouTube channel.

Overall we found this game absolutely hilarious and we can’t wait to play it again. It is an action packed fun filled game suitable from age 6 with no upper age limit! Games last around 15 minutes so no chance the little ones will get bored!

We were all really excited when we saw the game featured on ITV’s How To Spend It Well for Less last Tuesday (3rd December). Did you see it?

The game has recently been awarded “Recommended’ status by The Good Toy Guide and acknowledged for encouraging concentration in children.

Check out Tactic Games YouTube Channel here to see more.

So if you are still looking for a great family game this Christmas then pop over to The Range and get yours now for only £12.99.

Also available at Toymaster too.

*I was sent this game for an honest review and all opinions are my own.

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