How times have changed….

I had my first baby in 2007, just over 12 years ago and at that time I knew nothing. I just had my mum to ask for advice as no one in my friendship group had babies. My mum mainly told me about things I didn’t really need for example a baby bath due to her own experience from when I was a baby. I also never purchased a baby monitor as we lived in a flat at the time and we never got a moses basket either as our bedroom was quick enough for a cot.
I never really knew the importance of a parent facing pram, having baby in a car seat for a limited time, baby wearing or white noise. Technology back then was a lot simpler. You couldn’t switch your TV on and play white noise through YouTube or have an app on your phone for the same thing.

Fast forward to 2 years ago when I fell pregnant I was still in that head set of what I used 8 years ago when I had my daughter, I will just buy similarly, so again no baby monitor or bath, even purchasing the exact same bath seat I got 12 years ago. Having owned my own baby shop in that time I learnt about the different prams on the market and guidelines around car seats so I already knew which car seat and pram I would buy – and we bought them! Having done it twice over already I was very lax about purchasing anything and only after having a little scare at 33 weeks did we set about getting the important bits. This time round I opted for a moses basket, but not the wicker kind after experiencing every movement my daughter made when she was a baby, we have enough problems getting sleep without those extra noises (problems of being a light sleeper).

Well what happened? He hated the bath seat, he hated the moses basket so wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me. Swaddling didn’t help so we ended up going out to the only shop in our town that stocked baby equipment that you could walk out of the shop with and got a co-sleeping crib and a sleep nest. I downloaded not 1 but 3 apps of white noise on my phone in the sheer desperation to get some sleep. How when I had done it twice over already was this not easier!! Yes, I tried to save money but if I had looked more at what was out there I would have found some great products invented by parents that would have helped as well as knowing new guidelines.

Once finding out that I was expecting again I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to explore what was out there and went along to The Baby Show last month, this way I could see as much under one roof as possible as well as talking to some of the great minds behind them. There were so many new ‘baby items’ out there, some from brands I had already knew to brand new companies with some of the most innovative products. So I have compiled a list of amazing products from the well known to the newest on the market. I hope you find it interesting and seek to look further into them.

Don’t just think because it’s the name you hear of the most that it will work or be the best just because someone told you it was good. Research is key!

Baby Monitors

Nanit Monitoring System

Nanit Monitoring System is just one of the baby monitors I came across at The Baby Show. It is very different to any others I have seen before as it seems to have everything for one upfront price. From monitoring with their HD 960p camera on your smart phone anywhere at any time giving you an overhead view, as well as real time alerts if something is wrong. You can view baby’s activity throughout the day and night a bit like scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook and can also talk or sing to them through the two way audio. The bit I really like is that you can hear them even when you are in other apps on your phone.
This monitor also has the option of adding Breathing Wear which monitors you baby’s breathing motions using the pattern that is on the band that your baby wears. The camera is portable too with the added option of a stand instead of fixing it to a wall.
Nanit will even work if your internet goes down.
Click here to see Nanit’s Official Press Release.
Nanit became available in the UK Monday 4th November 2019.

Nanit Plus Camera £299 (wall mount)
Nanit Plus Camera £379 (floor stand)
Complete Monitoring System £399 (Camera and breathing wear, wall mount)
Complete Monitoring System £449 (Camera and breathing wear, floor stand)
Breathing band start from £24.99
Swaddle with band – coming soon

To buy online visit

One thought on “How times have changed….

  1. Crikey! That’s a sum!
    I personally believe that a video / 2 way monitor can be a bit of a copout for parents who can’t be doing with going up and down the stairs to check, but I can see that some babies may be soothed by your voice…
    Nothing beats a cuddle and maybe a comfort feed.


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