My Heartbeat Bear Review

A couple of weeks ago we were kindly gifted a heartbeat bear from My Heartbeat Bear. We got to pick a bear of our choice and also a personalised scan t-shirt too. As we already knew the sex of our baby we chose blue but it is also available in pink.

My first impression of our bear was that he was extremely soft and snuggly, you don’t always know what to expect when you get something online (I am very much one of these people that like to feel things before I buy them) so I was pleasantly surprised.

Meet Husky our Heartbeat Bear

Meet Husky, our 16″ Heartbeat Bear.

When delivered he comes with a special gift bag as shown where your bear of choice can be carried
and presented.

The sound recorder was really easy to use and took around a minute to record. After selecting ‘R’ (record) on the dial, pressing down the middle button a red light appears and you can start your recording, recording up to 20 seconds of sound. When you have finished recording let go of the button. On the dial select ‘P’ (play), again press the middle button and your recording will play. When you are happy with your recording press and hold the button until you hear a beep (approximately 12 seconds). There is also an option to turn the sound off if you need to.

The recorder is secured inside your bear with an internal pocket with a zipper which can only be reopened with a paperclip (useful if for smaller children aged 3 and over), then the bear can be closed with the velcro opening. When closed it is barely visible which is great as little ones can’t see it 🙂

We have a teddy bear that plays Jake’s heartbeat which we had done at a private scan which is great but once the battery dies you lose your recording. Luckily we have it saved elsewhere so we can rerecord once we replace the batteries.

The recorder you get with these bears actually save the recording so you will not lose it when you need to replace the batteries.

What is a Heartbeat Bear?

A heartbeat bear is precious memento of your baby’s heartbeat recorded by you using a sound recorder that is then secured in a concealed pocket in a bear or animal of your choice. By pushing the recorder inside the bear you can hear your baby’s heartbeat before and after baby is born.

What’s in the box?

1x Heartbeat bear or Animal
1x Heartbeat sound recorder with instructions on how to record your sound
1x A carry bag for you to present your bear

There are 2 size options available, 8″ and 16″. Most of the bears are available in both sizes so there is also the option to have an 8″ husky too.

Want to surprise your family and friends? How about a gender reveal bear.
A teddy in pink or blue and comes in a box which would make a great centre piece
at your party.

Not only that but you can get lots of accessories for your bears. There is an amazing selection of clothing from t-shirts to complete outfits, hats and shoes. Everything you could possible think of to kit out your bear. Great for presents for if your bear is for a child.

Overall our bear is so lovely and will be a memento forever holding our newest additions heartbeat. We are so grateful to be able to share him with you and I would definitely recommend to anyone whether as a gift or as a keepsake.

For more information visit any of the following pages:-
Website: (the only way to securely purchase your bear)
Instagram: @myheartbeatbear
Facebook: My Heartbeat Bear
Twitter: @myheartbeatbear

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