Saffi’s Fiver Party

So Saffi turned 8 this year and I didn’t plan a party as I didn’t think she would want one, plus she hadn’t been at her new school that long. But a week before her actual birthday she said to me “mummy I’ve told everyone in my class that it’s my birthday soon and have invited them to my party”.
Well I was lost for words, what do I do? There was no way I could sort a birthday party out in a week! Last year we invited 4 people to go to Build-a Bear and ordered a cake – much easier. There was also no way I could not sort one now and I didn’t want to let her down.
The only thing I had sorted was a cake for this year so at least that was one less thing to worry about.

So I set about trying to find places that at short notice would be able to accommodate us and give as much notice as possible to the parents at school. A quick internet search and a phone call to a local sports centre in 15 minutes I had booked a roller disco! Now to make some invites and get them printed in time to hand out in the playground for the school run (it was Friday and the party was the following Saturday). Then I hit a problem, I had no envelopes and my printer wouldn’t work! The one time I need it for something urgent and it plays up. The worst part? I got back from the school run and it had printed them all. Typical! Anyway, it made things a little more chilled and Saffi got to help too.

As the party was such short notice and Saffi has so many toys, colouring and craft bits we went for a Fiver Party.
A Fiver Party is where you ask everyone to bring £5 instead of a gift. Not only does this help other parents out, as at previous parties we’ve spent at least £10 on a gift, it also stops clutter, unplayed with toys and the risk of getting items they already have. Saffi really wanted a Lego set which was around £75 and was already saving up for it so seemed perfect.

I really wanted the wording to be right and not sound like it was an absolute must. I just wanted Saffi to have a great party so I made sure that any gift was optional.

Well, the party was a great success and out of the 17 people invited only 3 couldn’t make it. I think for 5 days notice this was amazing. Everyone had fun and had a go at skating, there was practice mats in the middle of the floor for those who were less confident and even some adults skated too. We don’t have a roller rink locally – although there was one many years ago so for some of the adults it brought back a lot of fun memories and also to see if they could still do it. There was music, coloured lights and I got glow sticks for them all to wear. At the end of the skating session the children just chilled or played until they were picked up.

Everyone who came actually gifted Saffi £5 and it went down really well with the parents. Feedback was it was much easier than finding a gift and cheaper. So if you like the idea of a Fiver Party definitely give it go!

With the money from her party she purchased the Lego Heartlake Hotel. You can see her unboxing and build over on our YouTube channel.

Total Cost £138.49
Roller Party £73.50
Cake £45
Sweet cones £15 – sweets from Makro, cone bags eBay, labels eBay
Glow sticks (100) £4.99 – eBay
Invites free

Glow Sticks
Sweet cone bags
Circle labels 37mm

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